June 20, 2014

Chitin That Breast Cancer Is Very Important

Doctors know cancer, saying: The human body consists of a collection of organs and tissues, which itself are composed of millions of cells.
These cells differ from each of the survivor form and function, but they are divided and reproduce in the same way usually happens cell division on a regular basis so that our bodies grow, or to replace or repair damaged tissue such reproduction be at a specific time and to a certain extent, but that came out of this process control, the cells begin to multiply quickly and this results in the so-called tumor. Disease less review

ken dre

Tumors of two types:

1 - Benign clicking: These are usually coated with a membrane and cannot be spread its influence limited to the patient be clicking on Members natural if the size of a large and can be eradicated with surgery and often do not come back again

2 - malicious cancerous Malignant: cancer attack and destroy the cells and the surrounding tissue and its ability to spread apart so that separate cell (or cells) of the tumor first (Primary) and transmitted through blood or lymphatic system to member or other organs in the body to be called the second tumors, secondary tumors (Secondary).

How cancer starts??? ? the beginning (Initiation) is the first step towards the formation of the tumor where it starts at the level of cell seemed to change in their work and how to control this work substances that cause this initially called material (carcinogens).

Evolution (Progression) consists of the tumor through a single cell and have success in growth and division at the expense of other cells at this stage can be seen.

Tumor clinical (Clinical) here the tumor is large in size and if not treated will continue to grow and destroy nearby tissue and may spread to distant organs.
Causes of cancer:

The cause of the presence of cancer is still a mystery did not know Detection truth to now, doctors is crossing in research for cancer, saying:

It is clear that an error in the control mechanism makes the cells out of the constraints of the natural growth in areas located the body. , we ask the doctors here for inquiry is the reason that there is an error in the mechanism of control and makes cells out of the constraints of the natural growth in existing areas of the body???? My answer the question by saying:

There is this: the cause of genetic or environmental factors or otherwise which is Couched they have in their books and research. All that reminded him of the reasons and factors: it is a matter of conjecture and guessing is not.  for further details click the link Ken Drew Review

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