June 18, 2014

Occurrence Of Ulcerative Colitis

- Patterns of food:

it was found that eating habits affect the probability of occurrence of ulcerative colitis, and found that a diet rich in fiber has a recipe and protective of the disease, also found that children who are fed on natural milk less susceptible to disease.  Disease less review

- Psychological pressure:

Indicates a lot of scientists and specialists that psychological stress the nerve of daily life and repeated may have a role in the occurrence of colitis.

- A bacterial infection or a viral Unknown:

believed that some microorganisms may cause the disease, but did not prove something scientifically until now, scientists say that some types of bacteria can cause inflammation The large intestine, warning that the use of antibiotics may be the cause or the first factor in inflammatory colitis, where that antibiotics change the colony's natural bacteria called strep Flora (Bowel Flora), which live in the intestines.

- Immunological factors:

Changes in the immune system may result in by antibiotics are attacking the lining of the large intestine.

Spread of the disease there (10-20) case in the United States in all (100,000) people from the population, and there is no official statistics on Arab on the prevalence of colitis, but noted the increasing prevalence in recent years, says researchers to colitis usually affects people between the ages of (15-40), and said that women are more affected than men, and is similar to the geographical distribution of disease spread of Crohn's disease, where they are more prevalent in countries located in the northern hemisphere.

Symptoms of colitis most common sign is chronic diarrhea and mixed with blood and mucus and Zake, has the temperature rises with abdominaOccurrence Of Ulcerative Colitis

l pain sometimes colic VPL emptying the bowel

- Blood in the stool and diarrhea.  DiseaseLessReviewScam.Com

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