June 17, 2014

Relationship Between Periodontal Disease And Diabetes

And gum disease increases the percentage of sugar in the blood, thereby hindering the diabetic control of the disease. There is a proportional relationship between periodontal disease and diabetes cure for diabetes helps to treat periodontal gum treatment also helps to treat diabetes. Disease less scam

And gum disease also affects pregnant women, during pregnancy increase the proportion of hormones in the body and bacteria that reside in the gums. Since the gums are full of blood vessels, it means that the bacteria and the toxins produced by the move to the fetus, leading to little baby weight. It has been proven scientifically that a mother who gives birth to children up early or low-weight must have a gum disease.

As that gum disease affects the heart, The General American Heart announced a short time ago that the duty of the dentists turn any patient suffering from periodontal disease to cardiologist to conduct the necessary tests.

• How can prevent the onset of gum? - proper care of your oral health by brushing teeth twice a day by a soft brush, and floss in cleaning teeth, taking into account the change toothbrushes every two months or when it changes form bristles.

It is necessary to brushing the tongue. If we look at the tongue at the end of the day we will find him a white layer, a layer formed as a result of eating the remains of adhesion Balsa rat minute on the surface of the tongue.

This class is one of the leading causes of bad breath that issues from the mouth. And clean the tongue regularly by a toothbrush will disappear problem stench. , and there is a misconception that the use of the brush coarse or medium better than the use of soft brush, but the brush coarse or medium lead to receding gums in the long run. more about us

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