June 17, 2014

Scientific Experiments

• Does it help the toothpaste in the treatment of disease?

- It is wrong to use toothpaste to treat gum disease, its function is to maintain a basic dental caries from injury. Wi-paste pastes known suffice, but it is necessary to contain the appropriate ratio of fluoride. Diseaseless Ebook Review

Scientific Experiments

• What Implant? - began Implant since the fifties, was the discovery of the idea by accident when the one of the scientists planted nail material bone rabbits scientific experiments and when he wanted to remove the screw found no difficulty and it is impossible to remove the screw.

After conducting scientific studies and research have found that material interact with the bone it is impossible to remove them, came to be Dr. suggested the idea of using material in Implant.

• How successful operations Implant? - Implant succeed if conducted by Dr. specializes in Implant, and the success rate of up to 98%. With the knowledge that cultivated Age is not exposed to decay, but should clean the gums around the tooth planted so as not to accumulate the bacteria that cause gum problems. It is necessary to remedy any problem afflicting the gums before the process Implant.

• hear about cosmetic operations carried out of the gums, what is its goal? And how it performed? - cosmetic surgery gums play a big role in drawing perfect smile on the face, and used to treat gingivitis and periodontal prominent receding gums and dark or black in color. Gum treatment and be prominent by raising the gums.

Properly lead to the emergence of the topography of the form of age, and gives the man a smile inconsistent.

Either gum treatment or dark black color shall be supplied by or bleached and this process are like a sanding of the gums, giving the person's gums and pink. M / n , click here to contact us

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