June 25, 2014

Stomach UlcersNatural Remedies

Honey peace, and Yemen is famous for its finest types of honey hills and honey peace, studies have shown the role of honey hills in the treatment of ulcers digestive, diarrhea, and so the ability of honey to kill germs and bacteria and its ability to produce collagen, which helps healing. Diseaseless scam

Loan (Acacia):

height ranges acacia tree between (5-6 meters), and there on the branches of small sharp spines which bills mutated, and its trunk is covered dark color comes out of gum Arabic famous, and leaves the vehicle feathery bilateral and flowers yellow in the form of inflorescence and fruit in the form of centuries has within it the seeds, and the scientific name of the plant (Acacia Senegal) of (the cornea), and the most important parts of the medical use of the plant gum, is also used in folk medicine leaves of the tree and fruit (loan).

and acacia trees abound in the Arabian Peninsula and in most parts of Africa, and is grown widely in Sudan and Senegal, Nigeria, and to a lesser extent In Libya, Egypt, Mauritania, and the loan is the fruit of acacia trees, but in Yemen called Acacia trees of the loan, and the advantage enjoyed by acacia (loan) in Yemen, it grows wild in their natural habitat, and there is a ground in most areas of Yemen are two types of acacia trees and two hills and peace, and used as firewood and charcoal in the rural areas, and reap their bee two types of honey are Honey hills and honey peace.

gaining acacia trees of great importance in rural areas where it is reliable in the treatment of many diseases, particularly inflammatory chest wounds and abscesses and treatment of diseases of the abdomen.Ken Drew special offer on Diseaseless Program

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