June 20, 2014

Surgeon Excised The Tumor From The Breast

Surgery: The surgeon excised the tumor from the breast, usually excised as well as under the armpit lymph gland irradiation uses a radiation high-capacity in order to destroy cancer cells and reduce their growth.  ken drew

Surgery is the case in this way, the impact of my site is not affected by the cancer cells only chemical drugs: drugs used to kill cancer cells.

The drug is given by mouth or in the veins or muscle hormones: it is to rely on depriving cancer cells of the hormones necessary for growth.

Breast screening: The early diagnosis of breast cancer is an important factor and effective in the treatment process is effective. You madam to
Trace a number of quick steps in order to help in the early diagnosis of this insidious disease that kills many women annually on each woman to inspect the well to her breasts in order to monitor any change might happen to them.

Include these changes:

1 - The emergence of unusual

2 - Clear change in the recycling of breast

3 - The presence of a node or swelling Local

4 - A distinct change in the nature of the skin and its color is the most important areas that must be observed continuously as follows:

1 - In the shower put your arm right to the top and examine your breasts left a novice in the upper outer breast movement rotational to pray to the nipple. Click strongly higher breast tissue infrastructure so that you feel under your finger, Examine as well as the region, which lies directly above the breast and underarm. It is then reexamine the right breast.

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