June 26, 2014

Symptoms And Manifestations

But he described it in the form of symptoms and manifestations only has concluded Rights Now they were manifestations of cancer has been found in the manuscripts of the ancient Egyptians manuscripts describe some aspects of the symptoms of this disease as indicated by the ancient Greek civilization described (Hippocrates).Diseaseless review

Considered by Westerners father of medicine, many of which also doctors in the light of Islamic civilization talked about these symptoms and appearances as part of the disease and not as perception was that they result from sin and sorcery and so forth of Spirituality and did not crystallize disease as a disease separate his privacy, but with the advent of modern civilization in the twelfth century.

Where Raj talk about the causes and evolution It was not until this period could be talking about the treatment to stop its development or cured only surgical excision, which did not succeed in bringing about tangible progress in treatment to that came the twentieth century, including a campaign of technological development amazingly appeared radiation therapy, chemical, air, food, surgical and other and become doctors speak in a more objective The precise causes of the disease and what it is and treatment conquerors new era heralds the occurrence of a fundamental change in the process of treating this disease and its development.

What is cancer?

contains the nucleus of every cell in the human body genes oversees and controls the functions of the cell and its work and its food and division and death, and each cell a certain style of life determined by a set of genes specific oversees the process of division or aging or cell death and called a group of these genes apoptosis, and regulate these genes work Mort tin were responsible either for the division and reproduction or stop and rein in this reproduction visit our official webpage

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