June 18, 2014

Symptoms of colitis most common

- Pain in the lower abdomen and swelling.
- may appear in some cases, redness of the eyes and pain in the joints and a lack of growth in children, loss of appetite, distress and boredom.
- In severe cases temperature rises patient and feel very tired. Diagnosed with ulcerative colitis Disease less scam

Symptoms of colitis most common

Diagnosis of ulcerative colitis is critical infection, followed by colitis is similar to a lot of symptoms with other diseases, like diseases of the digestive tract, the disease is diagnosed by:

1 associated symptoms (medical history).

2 colonoscopy and take a sample of the colon (at least five different areas of the colon in addition to straight) and examined under a microscope.

3 an ultrasound television to the abdominal area to observe inflation in the walls of the colon.

4 conduct laboratory tests to make sure that:

- The values that change during


Rise in (CRP).

Presence of anemia.

Rise in white blood cells

Stool tests for the exclusion of bacterial colitis.

Differential diagnosis meant the differential diagnosis in the language of medicine any illnesses can have the same symptoms of a particular disease, and this may lead to mixing in the diagnosis of the similarity of symptoms, and diseases that may have similar symptoms of inflammation with ulcerative colitis:

1. Colitis parasite or bacterial
Reason: acute inflammation by types of bacteria such as salmonella and Escherichia coli. Inflammation caused by parasites such as Cooley.

2. Inflammation is caused by a Bacterial: colonic inflammation due to lack of blood supply, which is usually what happens when elderly patients. Colonic inflammation caused by exposure to radiation.
Colonic inflammation caused by drug poisoning like the one poisoning occurs when a non-steroidal pain, or poisoning that occurs when a drug, user in the treatment of migraine.  DiseaseLessReviewScam.Com

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