June 25, 2014

Symptoms Of Hemorrhoids

What are the symptoms of hemorrhoids?

include common symptoms of hemorrhoids appearance of a lump or tumor painful flamed on the border of the anus and starts the patient to feel out that there are blocks hanging on the anus itself, and symptoms include also the complaint of anal itching or pain in the anus, especially when you sit , this increases the pain during the process of defecation, and in a later stage, often appears with bleeding output, when you feel these symptoms would prefer to get a medical examination to exclude the incidence of other digestive diseases, the most serious and that may be the cause of hemorrhoids.

Doctors Early Muslims and stated their therapeutic benefits in their compositions famous, and was told the old "country where a loan is a disease" Technically speaking, the plant (the loan) is antiseptic good for the stomach, comes amazing results in the treatment of stomach ulcers.
In the case of a desire to provide physical therapy from Yemen could communicate with us and we'll provide physiotherapy component of kilo and a half of honey Samar Luxury with crushed leaves of the loan wild and cut its own terms of scientific precision, and treatment does not require more than two weeks to eliminate stomach ulcers finally. Ken Drew Review

Balanced Diet Quality And Quantity Of Food

whenever we had a balanced diet quality and quantity of food was easier to digest, but this must be fed naturally as much as you can away from and frying and frying, as it should move away from a bowl of butter or oil, We use them without exposure to heat and to the extent permitted, and better to use natural oils such as oil olive or sesame oil.

- wear clothing comfortable and do not wear clothes tight.

- minimizing the addition of acid to the food.

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