June 23, 2014

Walking Reduces The Risk Of Colon Cancer By 25%

A recent study showed that jogging regularly can reduce the risk of colon cancer by 25%. The researchers said in the study published in the "British Journal of Cancer," The exercise regularly and within that walking can reduce the risk of one of the most prevalent cancers. The newspaper "Daily Mail" Britain on Thursday that researchers reached this conclusion after reviewing the results of the 52 study conducted during the past twenty-five last on this subject”

Walking Reduces The Risk Of Colon Cancer By 25%
Shows of the study, which involved thousands of people, the most active of them were the least susceptible to disease, colon cancer, noting that exercise and walking can also reduce the risk of problems related to the disease, such as cancer, obesity and smoking.  Diseaseless Ebook Review

The researchers found this conclusion after studying the positive impact of sport and professions that require physical exertion and scrambling and practice in sports clubs and brisk walking, pointing out that men and women benefit equally from behind it.

The doctors say that exercise prevents obesity and increase the speed out chemicals that cause cancer of the body and reduce the risk of infections and intestinal hormones that have a relationship with the growth of cancerous tumors.

The incidence of bowel cancer the third most prevalent diseases in Britain since affects more than 36,500 people a year, you get two-thirds of diseases of the colon and the remainder in the rectum. http://www.diseaselessreviewscam.com/about-us/

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