June 17, 2014

Ways To Treat Heart Patients

Explained Researchers cm spiders help prevent heart attacks in the event of cardiac contractility, and lead this case to the disruption of the pulse of the heart muscle, and the consequent failure to pump blood properly, and end up in general the death of the patient.  Ken Drew Review

Ways To Treat Heart Patients

Uses the doctors usually in this case, electric shocks to restart the heart to pace normal, but the positive results of the poison spiders lupine led many doctors in Brazil also at the State University of New York now to use it, because it is better than the electric shock, which does not give quick result if the patient's condition deteriorated too, because the poison effect quickly in the artery and the required purpose.

This is not the first time that uses the scientists for the treatment of diseases affecting humans, the researchers have found the Germans prior to the production of neurotoxic backup for a person of a spider web, to prevent the expansion of scars resulting from wounds and gives room for body tissue natural for the restoration of the same fabric of the crucifixion and not fiber. has reached and her colleague to their results after three years of research into the fabric of the type of spiders tropical dubbed has been awarded this research prize for the best discovery in the medical field for 2007.

Explained that this genus of spiders long legs

- Which is the size of one of them the size of rest stop

- producing leads Silk precision and power at the same time, has been scientifically proven that this article, which belong to the subfamily stimulates cell division body, nor uttered the body as a strange and then it has a natural ability to expel the bacteria.

Shows experiments also fabric made from yarns spiders is very strong in nature and then he charged materials vital natural proteins that support the process of building a normal tissue in the human body. believes that the filaments Spiders will play a role in the restoration of external wounds that affect humans in the face, hands and legs and other body surface, scientifically that the human body is trying to compensate for the wound tissue itself, but the process is slow, but this works other tissues to produce material fibroblasts that fills the wound and be a "scar" later. read more about us

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