July 12, 2014

Organ Of The Human Body

In addition, the principal organ of the human body has no nerve endings, so the liver is not able to file pain signals. It has a high degree of stamina, and even being heavily damaged, has continued to carry out its work. Therefore, a doctor, patients often get when the liver and many related bodies have already suffered severe damage.

Of course, in order to support his liver should follow the rules of healthy nutrition and reasonably relate to the use of alcohol. However, such measures may not be enough-in modern conditions of life to our biological shield often require additional protection. It cans hepato protectors-special products that support the health of the liver and help it recover from the damage. Integrated hepato protectors provide layered defenses of the liver from damaging factors.

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Liver: When The Shield Is In Need Of Protection

There is a common misconception that the patient's liver is only for those who abuse alcohol. In fact, it is not from fatty liver suffering 30% in the developed world.

In many ways this sad statistics due to the realities and peculiarities of the structure of the liver and the main task of this body is to clean the blood from various harmful substances entering the body. Part of it comes with the food, because most modern foods contain different preservatives, dyes, stabilizers and other unsafe health products. We get toxins in air and water, which often is not proper cleaning. The liver becomes overloaded due to the widespread use of drugs to which modern man accustomed to resort at the slightest ailment. Have a negative impact and stress that have become an integral part of modern life, as well as the total fascination with strict diets affect the entire body, including the liver, healthy substances necessary for normal functioning.

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June 26, 2014

Symptoms And Manifestations

But he described it in the form of symptoms and manifestations only has concluded Rights Now they were manifestations of cancer has been found in the manuscripts of the ancient Egyptians manuscripts describe some aspects of the symptoms of this disease as indicated by the ancient Greek civilization described (Hippocrates).Diseaseless review

Considered by Westerners father of medicine, many of which also doctors in the light of Islamic civilization talked about these symptoms and appearances as part of the disease and not as perception was that they result from sin and sorcery and so forth of Spirituality and did not crystallize disease as a disease separate his privacy, but with the advent of modern civilization in the twelfth century.

Where Raj talk about the causes and evolution It was not until this period could be talking about the treatment to stop its development or cured only surgical excision, which did not succeed in bringing about tangible progress in treatment to that came the twentieth century, including a campaign of technological development amazingly appeared radiation therapy, chemical, air, food, surgical and other and become doctors speak in a more objective The precise causes of the disease and what it is and treatment conquerors new era heralds the occurrence of a fundamental change in the process of treating this disease and its development.

What is cancer?

contains the nucleus of every cell in the human body genes oversees and controls the functions of the cell and its work and its food and division and death, and each cell a certain style of life determined by a set of genes specific oversees the process of division or aging or cell death and called a group of these genes apoptosis, and regulate these genes work Mort tin were responsible either for the division and reproduction or stop and rein in this reproduction visit our official webpage

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Increase Of Many Diseases

We must know that the terms of each successful war to arm ourselves with the knowledge and know-how good the secrets of the enemy so as not to be a war against the unknown, and it may be that the knowledge is the motivation to move forward in the face of this disease and not to stand in front of him with lowered head. Ken Drew Scam

Through the above and our belief in this web site (site treatment of the treatment of irritable bowel syndrome) that there is no disease but the
God revealed his medication, we in this page and the next page (links at the end of the page) provide all the important information about the tumor, and focus on colon cancer and rectum and cancer of the stomach, as does status means natural and therapeutic alternatives that are used to resist these diseases.

Cell division is random and insane that causes cancer

Cancer throughout the ages

Cancer is not disease newly excreted civilization in the twentieth century is as old as human but current civilization as created by massive changes spectacular contributed to human welfare and comfort and progress has contributed the other hand, the increase of many diseases, especially the cancer.

Pollution on the one hand and products chemical nature of the food and the life and work may be one of the reasons that led to a huge increase in the number of people in addition to improved detection methods have allowed the detection of many cases which could not be detected earlier, and if we go back to history has been described cancer since about 2000 years ago Birth. read for more Diseaseless Ebook tips

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June 25, 2014

Symptoms Of Hemorrhoids

What are the symptoms of hemorrhoids?

include common symptoms of hemorrhoids appearance of a lump or tumor painful flamed on the border of the anus and starts the patient to feel out that there are blocks hanging on the anus itself, and symptoms include also the complaint of anal itching or pain in the anus, especially when you sit , this increases the pain during the process of defecation, and in a later stage, often appears with bleeding output, when you feel these symptoms would prefer to get a medical examination to exclude the incidence of other digestive diseases, the most serious and that may be the cause of hemorrhoids.

Doctors Early Muslims and stated their therapeutic benefits in their compositions famous, and was told the old "country where a loan is a disease" Technically speaking, the plant (the loan) is antiseptic good for the stomach, comes amazing results in the treatment of stomach ulcers.
In the case of a desire to provide physical therapy from Yemen could communicate with us and we'll provide physiotherapy component of kilo and a half of honey Samar Luxury with crushed leaves of the loan wild and cut its own terms of scientific precision, and treatment does not require more than two weeks to eliminate stomach ulcers finally. Ken Drew Review

Balanced Diet Quality And Quantity Of Food

whenever we had a balanced diet quality and quantity of food was easier to digest, but this must be fed naturally as much as you can away from and frying and frying, as it should move away from a bowl of butter or oil, We use them without exposure to heat and to the extent permitted, and better to use natural oils such as oil olive or sesame oil.

- wear clothing comfortable and do not wear clothes tight.

- minimizing the addition of acid to the food.

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Stomach UlcersNatural Remedies

Honey peace, and Yemen is famous for its finest types of honey hills and honey peace, studies have shown the role of honey hills in the treatment of ulcers digestive, diarrhea, and so the ability of honey to kill germs and bacteria and its ability to produce collagen, which helps healing. Diseaseless scam

Loan (Acacia):

height ranges acacia tree between (5-6 meters), and there on the branches of small sharp spines which bills mutated, and its trunk is covered dark color comes out of gum Arabic famous, and leaves the vehicle feathery bilateral and flowers yellow in the form of inflorescence and fruit in the form of centuries has within it the seeds, and the scientific name of the plant (Acacia Senegal) of (the cornea), and the most important parts of the medical use of the plant gum, is also used in folk medicine leaves of the tree and fruit (loan).

and acacia trees abound in the Arabian Peninsula and in most parts of Africa, and is grown widely in Sudan and Senegal, Nigeria, and to a lesser extent In Libya, Egypt, Mauritania, and the loan is the fruit of acacia trees, but in Yemen called Acacia trees of the loan, and the advantage enjoyed by acacia (loan) in Yemen, it grows wild in their natural habitat, and there is a ground in most areas of Yemen are two types of acacia trees and two hills and peace, and used as firewood and charcoal in the rural areas, and reap their bee two types of honey are Honey hills and honey peace.

gaining acacia trees of great importance in rural areas where it is reliable in the treatment of many diseases, particularly inflammatory chest wounds and abscesses and treatment of diseases of the abdomen.Ken Drew special offer on Diseaseless Program

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June 23, 2014

Terms And Conditions

- In this site we are trying to provide appropriate assistance and natural, effective and based on the old traditional methods of treatment and Baptist studies and recent research and personal experience of the authors of the site. ken drew

- This site offers comprehensive medical information about IBS, and some diseases of the digestive system, but cannot in any way dispense medical advice, and you can resort to General Musharraf on the site to communicate with him from Page Contact Us.

- Before using any natural remedy provided in this site should know that the information and data contained in the Site does not mean dispensing physician specialist.

- Due to the different names of the herbs from one state to another, and because there are some may confuse the herb and other specialists must inquire in the event of confusion in the herb or not ascertained, also can communicate with specialists at the site.

- In the case of the quote or copy any part of this then you have our data indicate clearly to this in our heart of the matter,

- Cannot in any way transfer or copy data this entire site to any other site permanently, and can refer to the owner of the site to communicate with him from Page Contact Us.

- We reserve the right to full amendment or addition to these conditions when we see it necessary or appropriate to our common interest.

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Walking Reduces The Risk Of Colon Cancer By 25%

A recent study showed that jogging regularly can reduce the risk of colon cancer by 25%. The researchers said in the study published in the "British Journal of Cancer," The exercise regularly and within that walking can reduce the risk of one of the most prevalent cancers. The newspaper "Daily Mail" Britain on Thursday that researchers reached this conclusion after reviewing the results of the 52 study conducted during the past twenty-five last on this subject”

Walking Reduces The Risk Of Colon Cancer By 25%
Shows of the study, which involved thousands of people, the most active of them were the least susceptible to disease, colon cancer, noting that exercise and walking can also reduce the risk of problems related to the disease, such as cancer, obesity and smoking.  Diseaseless Ebook Review

The researchers found this conclusion after studying the positive impact of sport and professions that require physical exertion and scrambling and practice in sports clubs and brisk walking, pointing out that men and women benefit equally from behind it.

The doctors say that exercise prevents obesity and increase the speed out chemicals that cause cancer of the body and reduce the risk of infections and intestinal hormones that have a relationship with the growth of cancerous tumors.

The incidence of bowel cancer the third most prevalent diseases in Britain since affects more than 36,500 people a year, you get two-thirds of diseases of the colon and the remainder in the rectum. http://www.diseaselessreviewscam.com/about-us/

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Value Of The Pharmaceutical


Turmeric is very well known is of Indian spices known, has many names known by In some areas, and Herd (a designation Persian), Saffron Indian and veins dyers, and part of the plant used turmeric tuber growing small plant near the surface of the earth, and we can say that turmeric Pharmacy appliances integrated to treat a lot of problems and diseases, and in spite of this, but the value of the pharmaceutical unknown to many, and in the last two decades have proven scientific research to a large extent the health of ancient usage of turmeric as a remedy for the problems of digestion, liver also show that turmeric prevents blood clot and release inflammatory conditions and helps in lowering cholesterol levels, say specialists that turmeric may have a cure protective valuable for those who are particularly vulnerable to cancer, and studies have shown that turmeric has proven its ability to stimulate suicidal self-programmed cell cancer.  Disease less scam

Burdock plant lives for two years and up high legs to about meter and a half, its leaves are oval to the interior and the heads of flowers reddish, and plant root is covered with bark from a brown color to white and have a root spongy then it becomes hard after drying, and the user of the plant leaves, roots and fruits that contain seeds, used herb Burdock to stop the growth of the cancerous tumor.

Where studies have shown that carried them because they contain a substance contrary to the growth of tumors, and also showed another study published in the Journal (Mutation Research) that Burdock reduces the occurrence of mutations caused by chemical elements in cells (most of which cause genetic mutations can also cause cancer), and has Burdock influential anti-toxin, has conducted tests on laboratory animals given Burdock turned out he's got to have a bearing chemical toxic.

If you want to provide full components physiotherapy from Yemen can communicate with us and we will providing and send it to any country in the world by global shipping companies, and treatment consists of four kilograms of honey Luxury with royal jelly, pollen and six cans propolis liquid and a box containing capsules turmeric In addition to the herb Burdock, and used this therapy for two months. DiseaseLessReviewScam.Com


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June 20, 2014

Surgeon Excised The Tumor From The Breast

Surgery: The surgeon excised the tumor from the breast, usually excised as well as under the armpit lymph gland irradiation uses a radiation high-capacity in order to destroy cancer cells and reduce their growth.  ken drew

Surgery is the case in this way, the impact of my site is not affected by the cancer cells only chemical drugs: drugs used to kill cancer cells.

The drug is given by mouth or in the veins or muscle hormones: it is to rely on depriving cancer cells of the hormones necessary for growth.

Breast screening: The early diagnosis of breast cancer is an important factor and effective in the treatment process is effective. You madam to
Trace a number of quick steps in order to help in the early diagnosis of this insidious disease that kills many women annually on each woman to inspect the well to her breasts in order to monitor any change might happen to them.

Include these changes:

1 - The emergence of unusual

2 - Clear change in the recycling of breast

3 - The presence of a node or swelling Local

4 - A distinct change in the nature of the skin and its color is the most important areas that must be observed continuously as follows:

1 - In the shower put your arm right to the top and examine your breasts left a novice in the upper outer breast movement rotational to pray to the nipple. Click strongly higher breast tissue infrastructure so that you feel under your finger, Examine as well as the region, which lies directly above the breast and underarm. It is then reexamine the right breast.

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Chitin That Breast Cancer Is Very Important

Doctors know cancer, saying: The human body consists of a collection of organs and tissues, which itself are composed of millions of cells.
These cells differ from each of the survivor form and function, but they are divided and reproduce in the same way usually happens cell division on a regular basis so that our bodies grow, or to replace or repair damaged tissue such reproduction be at a specific time and to a certain extent, but that came out of this process control, the cells begin to multiply quickly and this results in the so-called tumor. Disease less review

ken dre

Tumors of two types:

1 - Benign clicking: These are usually coated with a membrane and cannot be spread its influence limited to the patient be clicking on Members natural if the size of a large and can be eradicated with surgery and often do not come back again

2 - malicious cancerous Malignant: cancer attack and destroy the cells and the surrounding tissue and its ability to spread apart so that separate cell (or cells) of the tumor first (Primary) and transmitted through blood or lymphatic system to member or other organs in the body to be called the second tumors, secondary tumors (Secondary).

How cancer starts??? ? the beginning (Initiation) is the first step towards the formation of the tumor where it starts at the level of cell seemed to change in their work and how to control this work substances that cause this initially called material (carcinogens).

Evolution (Progression) consists of the tumor through a single cell and have success in growth and division at the expense of other cells at this stage can be seen.

Tumor clinical (Clinical) here the tumor is large in size and if not treated will continue to grow and destroy nearby tissue and may spread to distant organs.
Causes of cancer:

The cause of the presence of cancer is still a mystery did not know Detection truth to now, doctors is crossing in research for cancer, saying:

It is clear that an error in the control mechanism makes the cells out of the constraints of the natural growth in areas located the body. , we ask the doctors here for inquiry is the reason that there is an error in the mechanism of control and makes cells out of the constraints of the natural growth in existing areas of the body???? My answer the question by saying:

There is this: the cause of genetic or environmental factors or otherwise which is Couched they have in their books and research. All that reminded him of the reasons and factors: it is a matter of conjecture and guessing is not.  for further details click the link Ken Drew Review

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Yogurt Intake Helps In Removal Of Arthritis

Eating yogurt helps to exclude arthritis because it contains the types of bacteria stimulate the production of blood cells White said researchers at the University of Tokyo that yogurt contains some types of bacteria that can prevent some diseases arthritis, where the work of those bacteria to stimulate the production of certain types of cells, white blood dubbed cells "T".  Disease less scam

Regarding these results, said Kenya Honda, a scientist and an assistant professor of immunology at the University of Tokyo: "The increase in the cells of" T "will help curb many types of allergies and diseases resulting from disorder immune system cells and "T" are the white blood cells regulate the immune system and prevent it from interactions excess.

Yogurt Intake Helps In Removal Of Arthritis
This is medically known that when increases immune system activity in the body, it may occur some symptoms, it can also shatter and be destroyed cells and healthy tissues in the body, which leads to a large number of diseases rheumatoid arthritis as well as Crohn's disease and psoriasis and other diseases due to a defect in the immune system within the body.

. Salmon protect against arthritis

In a study conducted by Swedish researchers on 32 thousand elderly woman, they noticed that the women ate salmon once a week at least less exposure to the risk of arthritis.

The study found that fatty fish, such as salmon and mackerel, has a dramatic impact in reducing the risk of disease by 52% and the same interest can be drawn also, but to a lesser extent, from eating four pieces a week of fish, lean fat-free, as the fish cod or plaice.

The reason lies in the existence of omega fatty acids, often at high rates in fatty fish, which reduces the risk of disease. Also, eating fish of any kind per week for 10 years leads to reduce the risk of arthritis by 29% compared to those who consume less of the fish, click the link to give your feed-back .DiseaseLessReviewScam.Com

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June 18, 2014

Symptoms of colitis most common

- Pain in the lower abdomen and swelling.
- may appear in some cases, redness of the eyes and pain in the joints and a lack of growth in children, loss of appetite, distress and boredom.
- In severe cases temperature rises patient and feel very tired. Diagnosed with ulcerative colitis Disease less scam

Symptoms of colitis most common

Diagnosis of ulcerative colitis is critical infection, followed by colitis is similar to a lot of symptoms with other diseases, like diseases of the digestive tract, the disease is diagnosed by:

1 associated symptoms (medical history).

2 colonoscopy and take a sample of the colon (at least five different areas of the colon in addition to straight) and examined under a microscope.

3 an ultrasound television to the abdominal area to observe inflation in the walls of the colon.

4 conduct laboratory tests to make sure that:

- The values that change during


Rise in (CRP).

Presence of anemia.

Rise in white blood cells

Stool tests for the exclusion of bacterial colitis.

Differential diagnosis meant the differential diagnosis in the language of medicine any illnesses can have the same symptoms of a particular disease, and this may lead to mixing in the diagnosis of the similarity of symptoms, and diseases that may have similar symptoms of inflammation with ulcerative colitis:

1. Colitis parasite or bacterial
Reason: acute inflammation by types of bacteria such as salmonella and Escherichia coli. Inflammation caused by parasites such as Cooley.

2. Inflammation is caused by a Bacterial: colonic inflammation due to lack of blood supply, which is usually what happens when elderly patients. Colonic inflammation caused by exposure to radiation.
Colonic inflammation caused by drug poisoning like the one poisoning occurs when a non-steroidal pain, or poisoning that occurs when a drug, user in the treatment of migraine.  DiseaseLessReviewScam.Com

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Occurrence Of Ulcerative Colitis

- Patterns of food:

it was found that eating habits affect the probability of occurrence of ulcerative colitis, and found that a diet rich in fiber has a recipe and protective of the disease, also found that children who are fed on natural milk less susceptible to disease.  Disease less review

- Psychological pressure:

Indicates a lot of scientists and specialists that psychological stress the nerve of daily life and repeated may have a role in the occurrence of colitis.

- A bacterial infection or a viral Unknown:

believed that some microorganisms may cause the disease, but did not prove something scientifically until now, scientists say that some types of bacteria can cause inflammation The large intestine, warning that the use of antibiotics may be the cause or the first factor in inflammatory colitis, where that antibiotics change the colony's natural bacteria called strep Flora (Bowel Flora), which live in the intestines.

- Immunological factors:

Changes in the immune system may result in by antibiotics are attacking the lining of the large intestine.

Spread of the disease there (10-20) case in the United States in all (100,000) people from the population, and there is no official statistics on Arab on the prevalence of colitis, but noted the increasing prevalence in recent years, says researchers to colitis usually affects people between the ages of (15-40), and said that women are more affected than men, and is similar to the geographical distribution of disease spread of Crohn's disease, where they are more prevalent in countries located in the northern hemisphere.

Symptoms of colitis most common sign is chronic diarrhea and mixed with blood and mucus and Zake, has the temperature rises with abdominaOccurrence Of Ulcerative Colitis

l pain sometimes colic VPL emptying the bowel

- Blood in the stool and diarrhea.  DiseaseLessReviewScam.Com

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Ulcerative Colitis

Colitis is a type of inflammatory bowel disease, and affects the mucous membrane lining of the large intestine, and the cause of this disease in causing ulcers accompanied by bloody diarrhea and gas, pain and swelling, and there is a rotation between diarrhea and constipation, and with constipation doubled the muscles of the colon effort in order to pay blocks hard stool through the colon. ken drew

This cause the emergence of the mucous membrane lining of the colon to the outside, causing what looks like projections cystic small know mucosa, and spoke these protrusions bughouse usually in the lower left side of the colon, which is known colon (sigmoid) or colon menstrual (Sigmoid Colon) and take the form of symbols (S).

Usually accompanies ulcerative colitis ileitis and inflammation of the intestines, the disease varies in severity from a simple image to image severe, and the symptoms known to diarrhea and bleeding has enlarged colon, which is known to inflation toxic (Toxic) where weakens the wall of the colon and bulging and threatens to erupt At any moment, there may be a need for surgical intervention to eradicate colon in serious situations, the likelihood of developing cancer in the case of ulcerative colitis, chronic and incoming.

Causes of ulcerative colitis no specific reasons for colon ulcerative but there are factors that contribute to the creation of this disease and the most important of bad eating habits and sensitivity to materials of food and stress and anxiety, the following are some of the causes that may be related to obtaining ulcerative colitis.

- Genetic factor:

The monitoring of eight genes or chromosomes have a direct relationship with the disease, also found that the disease is frequent among family members of infected autoimmune diseases. DiseaseLessReviewScam.Com

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June 17, 2014

Ways To Treat Heart Patients

Explained Researchers cm spiders help prevent heart attacks in the event of cardiac contractility, and lead this case to the disruption of the pulse of the heart muscle, and the consequent failure to pump blood properly, and end up in general the death of the patient.  Ken Drew Review

Ways To Treat Heart Patients

Uses the doctors usually in this case, electric shocks to restart the heart to pace normal, but the positive results of the poison spiders lupine led many doctors in Brazil also at the State University of New York now to use it, because it is better than the electric shock, which does not give quick result if the patient's condition deteriorated too, because the poison effect quickly in the artery and the required purpose.

This is not the first time that uses the scientists for the treatment of diseases affecting humans, the researchers have found the Germans prior to the production of neurotoxic backup for a person of a spider web, to prevent the expansion of scars resulting from wounds and gives room for body tissue natural for the restoration of the same fabric of the crucifixion and not fiber. has reached and her colleague to their results after three years of research into the fabric of the type of spiders tropical dubbed has been awarded this research prize for the best discovery in the medical field for 2007.

Explained that this genus of spiders long legs

- Which is the size of one of them the size of rest stop

- producing leads Silk precision and power at the same time, has been scientifically proven that this article, which belong to the subfamily stimulates cell division body, nor uttered the body as a strange and then it has a natural ability to expel the bacteria.

Shows experiments also fabric made from yarns spiders is very strong in nature and then he charged materials vital natural proteins that support the process of building a normal tissue in the human body. believes that the filaments Spiders will play a role in the restoration of external wounds that affect humans in the face, hands and legs and other body surface, scientifically that the human body is trying to compensate for the wound tissue itself, but the process is slow, but this works other tissues to produce material fibroblasts that fills the wound and be a "scar" later. read more about us

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Scientific Experiments

• Does it help the toothpaste in the treatment of disease?

- It is wrong to use toothpaste to treat gum disease, its function is to maintain a basic dental caries from injury. Wi-paste pastes known suffice, but it is necessary to contain the appropriate ratio of fluoride. Diseaseless Ebook Review

Scientific Experiments

• What Implant? - began Implant since the fifties, was the discovery of the idea by accident when the one of the scientists planted nail material bone rabbits scientific experiments and when he wanted to remove the screw found no difficulty and it is impossible to remove the screw.

After conducting scientific studies and research have found that material interact with the bone it is impossible to remove them, came to be Dr. suggested the idea of using material in Implant.

• How successful operations Implant? - Implant succeed if conducted by Dr. specializes in Implant, and the success rate of up to 98%. With the knowledge that cultivated Age is not exposed to decay, but should clean the gums around the tooth planted so as not to accumulate the bacteria that cause gum problems. It is necessary to remedy any problem afflicting the gums before the process Implant.

• hear about cosmetic operations carried out of the gums, what is its goal? And how it performed? - cosmetic surgery gums play a big role in drawing perfect smile on the face, and used to treat gingivitis and periodontal prominent receding gums and dark or black in color. Gum treatment and be prominent by raising the gums.

Properly lead to the emergence of the topography of the form of age, and gives the man a smile inconsistent.

Either gum treatment or dark black color shall be supplied by or bleached and this process are like a sanding of the gums, giving the person's gums and pink. M / n , click here to contact us

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Relationship Between Periodontal Disease And Diabetes

And gum disease increases the percentage of sugar in the blood, thereby hindering the diabetic control of the disease. There is a proportional relationship between periodontal disease and diabetes cure for diabetes helps to treat periodontal gum treatment also helps to treat diabetes. Disease less scam

And gum disease also affects pregnant women, during pregnancy increase the proportion of hormones in the body and bacteria that reside in the gums. Since the gums are full of blood vessels, it means that the bacteria and the toxins produced by the move to the fetus, leading to little baby weight. It has been proven scientifically that a mother who gives birth to children up early or low-weight must have a gum disease.

As that gum disease affects the heart, The General American Heart announced a short time ago that the duty of the dentists turn any patient suffering from periodontal disease to cardiologist to conduct the necessary tests.

• How can prevent the onset of gum? - proper care of your oral health by brushing teeth twice a day by a soft brush, and floss in cleaning teeth, taking into account the change toothbrushes every two months or when it changes form bristles.

It is necessary to brushing the tongue. If we look at the tongue at the end of the day we will find him a white layer, a layer formed as a result of eating the remains of adhesion Balsa rat minute on the surface of the tongue.

This class is one of the leading causes of bad breath that issues from the mouth. And clean the tongue regularly by a toothbrush will disappear problem stench. , and there is a misconception that the use of the brush coarse or medium better than the use of soft brush, but the brush coarse or medium lead to receding gums in the long run. more about us

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